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Gabrielle Luna
May 25, 2021

Absolutely beautiful! The views of the Bay Bridge are such a delight, especially at night time to see it all lit up. Food and drinks are off the charts. Everything from the ambiance, decor, staff and all around was wonderful. Perfect for a date night. Recommend going 100%. Semi dressy but not over the top!

James S.
June 26, 2022

Overall, it was okay, but should be much better. The food was good, but the portions are quite small for the price, and the atmosphere and service left something to be desired. Perhaps it was just an off night, but the overall atmosphere reminded me more of Olive Garden or Cheesecake Factory than a restaurant with a $79 tasting menu. I found the choice of music quite intriguing...while I didn't mind it, I think it would be more appropriate to play Peruvian music. The service was also a bit lacking. Despite having a reservation, we still had to wait several minutes for a table. Overall, the staff seemed cold and unfriendly. They do not have nearly enough restrooms for the number of tables; everyone in our group who went to the bathroom had to wait in a long line.

March 21, 2021

This review is downgraded from my previous visit. Food is good but service is inconsistent. I don't mind paying $120 for a solo dining experience. But it's got to be fantastic. Anything less than fantastic is deplorable. The server managed to get the food out reasonably fast, although the main dish was lukewarm. he obviously left it waiting on the counter while I was eating the appetizers. Then he managed to completely screw up at the simplest part of the dining experience. 24 minutes before it landed on my table, I ordered a second diet Coke. the food was gone. the plates were gone. the table was clear, then my diet coke showed up. And guess what, I was charged for that second diet Coke. I paid roughly $4 for about 7 oz of diet Coke. In the end, I didn't actually end up paying to the diet coke, because I deducted it from his tip.

Heather Tran
September 09, 2021

Unfortunately we had an awful experience with a hostess that was not only extremely rude, but threatened us in a manner that made my entire family feel uncomfortable enough to leave the restaurant. I had emailed La Mar, explaining in detail what happened and gave them more than enough time to get back to me, but they decided to completely ignore my message. The disrespect for customers alone will be the reason I will not be returning to La Mar. it’s unfortunate that I gave them a chance to make it right, yet they blatantly did not care to. My email to the restaurant below, which explains the situation: I made a reservation at La Mar a few weeks ago and I specifically called in to ask for an outdoor table when I made the reservation. The woman on the phone confirmed with me that it would be outdoors. When we got there, a woman showed us to our seats, which was indoors. When I told her that we requested an outdoor table, she was extremely rude to us and said that our reservation was not confirmed and that it said “outdoor requested” but the outdoor patio is not available. We looked outside and there were plenty of tables open. I insisted that the woman I spoke with confirmed with me that the reservation would be outdoors and she said “okay do you want to see your ticket? I can show you that it says requested, and not confirmed” and she stormed away from us and again was just extremely rude. Shortly after, she came back to us to let us know that we were right and that they were getting a table set up for us outside. Again, in a very rude and condescending voice. I then asked for her name, and this was when it just went completely downhill. She came over to me and said “My name is Gina. Don’t write anything bad about me because I have your phone number and information from your reservation.” I couldn’t even believe what I was hearing. My entire family felt extremely uncomfortable and unsafe with the threat and with her entire attitude. I flagged down who I believe was the manager, who was super apologetic about the situation. I’ve dined at La Mar on multiple occasions and have had a fabulous experience. The staff has always been fantastic, but Gina was just an absolute nightmare. I wanted to bring this to your attention because I want to emphasize how unacceptable her behavior was, especially during a time when hate against Asians are at an all time high, having a host threaten us in the manner that she did was completely insensitive. My entire family felt so uncomfortable being in her presence that we ended up leaving the restaurant. I also wanted to add that we had this reservation to celebrate our engagement with our parents, and to have things start off on this sour of a note was extremely disappointing. We trusted and chose La Mar to celebrate this exciting milestone in our life, and this experience completely ruined our night and our plans. We had inquired about potentially hosting our engagement party at La Mar and unfortunately will not be doing so because of this experience. I truly do hope that management is able to address this with Gina and explain to her the severity of her words in hopes that no other guests are on the receiving end of her poor attitude and threats.

James Burger
June 27, 2021

Disappointing. More of an assembly line than Harborview (which also seems like a get-in, get-out establishment, but not anywhere near how it felt like La Mar). At La Mar, right at check-in, you're told you only have a certain period of time at your table, which isn't even enough time to look at the menu, have drinks, appetizers, an entree, and dessert. (I timed it; we were technically there for five minutes over our allotted time.) And, that time limitation is despite the fact that about half the tables were empty when we left, but those tables weren't physically distanced from other tables! The restaurant seated parties all around us within six feet of us; the empty tables were apparently at less desirable locations. The food, when ordered, came out like an assembly line. Some of the dishes that should've been nice and hot, were lukewarm. I dropped my fork at one point (the plates are all odd shaped), and ten minutes went by before there was any staff around to ask for a new fork. I ordered dessert and a dessert wine. First, they didn't have the dessert I ordered. Secondly, the dessert we ended up with came out within a minute, but no wine. No waitstaff either to ask about the wine. Finished the dessert. No wine. I wouldn't go back. Not until they get their act together and make going to restaurant memorable for all the right reasons, not all the wrong ones.

La Mar Cebicheria Peruana

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